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Repair injuries and maintain health with clinically-proven procedures to re-balance and realign your body.

Cold Laser & Infrared Treatments


Advanced treatment techniques such as cold laser and infrared therapies are safely used to facilitate a non-surgical, pain-free healing solution for neck and back pain, muscular injury, soft tissue (ligaments and tendons) injury and other symptoms. While these treatments have been used in Europe for more than 30 years, they are increasingly available in the United States, as the treatments are fast, effective, low-cost.

Ultrasound Therapy & Electrostimulation


Ultrasound waves deliver a deep heating effect to encourage blood circulation, reduce stiffness in the targeted tissues and muscles, and aid in the healing process. Typical treatments are very relaxing and completely pain free. Controlled electrical micro-currents are used to reduce inflammation and restore proper muscle movements.

Therapeutic Massage

From deep tissue massage to trigger point, sports massage and neonatal treatments, we can provide the perfect therapeutic massage to compliment your chiropractic care. Massage therapy does more than make you feel good, it can help your body achieve its optimal balance and health. Massage therapy offers a natural treatment approach which relieves musculoskeletal pain for many patients. Our chiropractic office provides specific massage and muscular therapy that is complimentary to their chiropractic care. Each massage therapy plan is tailored to meet the patient's unique pain condition or injury. The benefits of massage therapy may include the increase of blood circulation, a localized reduction in swelling and the relaxation of muscles. Massage relieves muscle pain, spasms and increases a patient's range of motion, while also aiding in a patient's recovery. Studies indicate that a single session of massage helps boost your immune system!

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